Task Requirements  Write a report about the following case study (see the description below).  Word limit: minimum of 5,000 words and maximum of 10,000 words (excluding the reference list)

 Referencing style: APA6 or APA7  Submission: Thursday, 20 Oct 2022 Case study description Gecko Allied Health Services (GAMS) Standards in community health care are steadily rising. A recent development is value-based health care delivery where greater attention is focussed on the patient. This has resulted in the traditional “silos” of health care delivery being broken down so that medical services are delivered by a multi-disciplined group of doctors and allied-healthcare professionals. There is further pressure to extend this model into the community so that access to these specialised models of health care delivery is not limited by the location of where people live. The purpose of this assessment exercise is to develop a comprehensive set of documentation that reflects the three aspects of McCabe’s approach to network design: analysis, architecture and design. Please refer to the marking criteria.