Your task is to investigate whether the tumor may be safely detected by testing using electromagnetic waves. You may assume that: (i) (ii) the tumor has grown to a thickness of

between 5 mm and 12 mm. You have been granted permission to carry out low power (in vitro) laboratory tests in the frequency band between 1 GHz and 12 GHz in a shielded room. The power limit is 1 W throughout the allowed frequency band. (iii) VSWR, return loss (S11) and input impedance (real and imaginary part) can all be automatically measured and that detection of the tumor will be based on those measurements. Include in your report: (a) Your opinion on how electromagnetic waves in the above frequency range may best assist in safely detecting malignant tumors with the characteristics described above. (b) Simulation results specifically chosen to support your opinion in (a) above. (c) Statements that logically align your opinion in (a) above with the simulation results you provide in (b). [You will be penalised if you provide simulation results with no corresponding statements that align them with your opinion in (a)]. (d) Additional simulations that you would do, to confirm your opinion in (a) above, if the limitations imposed by the student version of HFSS were to be removed.

Fig: 1