1. What are your recommendations (with rationale) for the hyperbaric PEL(Long Term) values for exposures to the following airborne contaminants at 2atm absolute. Assume 8 hr per day of exposure at 25°C. Your answers can be in ppm, mg/m³', mbar or µbar. a) Carbon dioxide (CO2, PEL (Long Term)5,000 ppm or 9,000 mg/m³at STP :1 atm absolute, 25°C) Carbon monoxide (CO, PEL (Long Term) = 25 ppm or 29 mg/m³atSTP :1 atm absolute, 25°C) c) Quartz, respirable dust (PEL (Long Term) = 0.1 mg/m³ at STP : 1 atm absolute, 25°C) d) Welding fumes (PEL (Long Term) = 5 mg/m³ at STP : 1 atm absolute,25°C)

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