7. [SQL Week 1 Question 100-007] Get a listing of the id number (idLitCharacters), Name, Creature SubType for all the pirates, mermaids, and fairies. Only include these three Subtypes. Order by ascending idLitCharacters. 8. [SQL Week 1 Question 100-008] You need a big scary one. Get a listing of all the names of Basilisks which have a weight greater than 475. Make sure you print the ID, the name, the Creature SubType, and the weight. Order by ascending idLitCharacters. 9. [SQL Week 1 Question 100-009] You want to get some name ideas for somebody who is either a mad scientist or supervillain. What are those names? Print out the Lit Character ID as well as the name and Sub Type. Order by ascending idLitCharacters. 10. [SQL Week 1 Question 100-010] You need a list of non-male creatures. Select the idLitCharacter, Name, Creature SubType, and Gender for everybody whose gender is not designated as Male. Order by ascending idLitCharacters. Take a screenshot of the top of your output. Then scroll down until you see ID 51, Amara the Mermaid. Take a screenshot of Amara and the rows immediately beneath her as well. 11. [SQL Week 1 Question 100-011] Select the idLitCharacters, name, Gender, Creature SubType. Your newest author wants a specific list of names which meet one of two criteria. The first criteria to meet would be a female pirate. The second criteria to meet would be any cute tiny male creature of weight 10 or below. Your output should contain some female pirates and some cute tiny male creatures. Sort the results first alphabetically on Gender and then within that field by idLitCharacters ascending. 12. [SQL Week 1 Question 100-012] Display the idLitCharacters, name, Gender, Creature SubType, weight, and height for everybody whose height is greater than or equal to 200. Sort it so the heaviest ones are on the top, and within the weight then ascending by idLitCharacters. 13. [SQL Week 1 Question 100-013] You want the big ones. Make a list of all the ID, the name, the Creature SubType, and weight and height. You only want those whose weight is greater than or equal to 150 or those whose height is greater than or equal to 65. Sort your results alphabetically by Name and then ascending by idLitCharacter . 14. [SQL Week 1 Question 100-014] You want to know for all humans whose realm is Magical, what is the maximum weight in pounds?