Assignment details Each student needs to find submit annotations for 2 journal articles. This is information that YOU write as a summary AND CRITIQUE of the article. To read the articles,

focus on the results and discussion sections for information from the article as well as "mining" the introduction for other sources to review/read. *Hint: These sources need to be JOURNAL ARTICLES (NOT magazines, newspapers, or other popular press sources, nor websites like .com, .gov, .org, or ANYTHING). If you can not state the author's name and/or the date the information was written, it is NOT a good source for this paper. This assignment occurs twice and will be graded on source, summary, and critique quality, writing clarity, and APA formatting/style for the first submission. find academic journal articles that are literature review or empirical studies (quantitative or qualitative) that are likely to be relevant to your behavioral change for the project. SUBMIT - APA formatted title page, annotations (from the articles, with 1 directly quoted and one paraphrased concept per source), and a references list. The topic of this is Cardiovascular disease.