In this exercise, you are asked to apply counselling skills to STI


In particular, you need to understand the pyramid of risk for STD

that is on page 138 in your textbook.

You will learn that there are four level of risks for STI,

demographic, sexual history, sexual relationship, and sexual


After reading these risks, develop responding and influencing

questions. For example, my first question to client would be:

"Please tell me about yourself".

Here I try to address the 1st level of risk (see figure 7.3 from the

textbook) by using open ended question.

I invite client to talk about him/herself so that I know more about

the background information that pertains to STI risk level.

My next question would be (since it's STI topic), "Have you ever

contracted any type of STI before?" - This is the second level

according to the pyramid and I used closed ended question.

Develop at least 5 questions for this exercise.

Fig: 1