N12 Technologies: Building an Organization and Building a Business First things first: 1. Read both the N12 doc and the HB doc on structuring. You will need to re-read both docs. You will reference both docs several times for this assignment. It's normal and means you are using real information to make decisions and references. Then: 2. Develop a sketch of N12's structures...there is 3. Very Beginning, mid point, and where they are today (case wise). Using the tips and strategies from the HB note on structuring, are they well structured? Remember the CEO goals: Maximize share holder value as efficiently and effectively as possible. Think about accountability how could you drop an MBO program in here to help align them -MBO evals are not out of date -people just got lazy. We can layer a 360 eval program right on top of an MBO program and really pour gas on employee productivity.. 3. Develop an exhaustive list of all the problems occurring simultaneously. Including the 3rd dimensional ones-shifting from pay as you go to build it they will come for example. What are the implications of these problems? -It may make sense to table or matrix this information as in the real world I would ask you to present it with an integrated solution set, cost analysis, and time line. 4. Finally, present your recommendations. There should be at least 5 major recommendations for this case that includes a well thought out employee restructuring that employs a matrix or hybrid matrix structure.