See discussions, stats, and author profiles for this publication at: USED OIL RECYCLING AND TREATMENT IN THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ECONOMICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTS Article January 2003 CITATIONS 8 11 authors, including: Ahmad Hamad 18 PUBLICATIONS 432 CITATIONS SEE PROFILE A. Aidan American University of Sharjah 60 PUBLICATIONS 807 CITATIONS READS 3,607 Isam Al Zubaidi University of Regina 40 PUBLICATIONS 582 CITATIONS SEE PROFILE/n1. Process simulation - Group Activity (Week 3) Content of the Report 1.1 Introduction: Introduce the section of the plant to be used for simulation 1.2 Presentation of process variables: Put all the process variables in one Table 1.3 Figure of Simulated plant 1.4 Process simulation: Perform process simulation of the plant (Submit softcopy) 1.5 Workbook results on Material Balance and Energy Balance: Perform material and Energy balance around the section by using software (Only the feeds and the final products: Show them in the workbook) 1.6 Summary of the results and discussion

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