1. Visit Reptrack Pulse Website ( and choose an organization from the annual Global Reptrak Study. Ensure that the organization is operating in the UAE. This aspect is important for the next step of the project. Each group will need to get the chosen organization approved by their Course Instructor. No two groups can choose the same organization. 2. For the chosen organization, undertake a survey to measure corporate reputation in the UAE. This is primary research, for which each group will be collecting data from individual consumers of the product or service. After data cleaning, the final usable data for analysis should be from 30 respondents. Each group will conduct the survey using 8 questions from the research instrument specified on p.60 of Feldman, Bahamonde and Bellido (2013). 3. Undertake qualitative analysis of the chosen organization's website to determine the prominence of CSR information and extent of CSR information, using the analytical framework presented either in Chaudhri and Wang (2007) or Georgiadou and Nickerson (2020). 4. Present the research findings in a report prepared by all group members. The report must be typed using Google Docs. Each student's contribution and editions to the live document need to be visible to Instructors who will be provided with the link and be given editor's rights to the document.

Fig: 1